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PODCAST: GamezAttack Podcast #4 Nintendo Direct Summer 2023


> OK Now Nintendo just wanted to Fuck with all of us by stealth dropping a Direct a week after the so called main Summer Showcases, but thats ok we will watch, listen, and talk Nintendo games!................ENJOY!!!

P.S. Yes this direct is late due to my other obligations this week sorry for the delay!

Nintendo Direct 2023: SHOW NOTES

Polkemon Scarlet & Violet – The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero, showing off the some New areas and Polkemon!  DLC Available Now for Purchase, The Teal Mask PT1 Planned release autumn 2023, The Idigo Disk Pt2 Planned Winter 2023 release!

Sonic Superstars with 12 New zones in a NEW sidescrolling adventure, 4 player co-op launching this autumn

Pailia Singularity 6 – create your own life house play with other in a town

Persona P5T Tatica   - turn based strategy game, still looks too cartoony

Mythforce – cartoon like adventure battle game? Coming this year 2023

Splatoon 3 – Splatfest theme which flavor icecream is best? Vanilla, Strawberry, Mint Chip. Horrible NO Chocolate

Detective Pikachu Returns – coming Oct-6-2023, I Never played the 1st one But was wanting ryan rennalds to play Pikachu

*Super Mario RPG Remake 11-17-2023 preorder now!

A NEW Princess Peach game is in the works – coming Next Year

Luigi’s mansion 2 from 3ds coming to Switch – coming Next Year

Batman Gotham Trilogy coming to Nintendo Switch – wow these games are going to run awful – coming this autum 2023, PLUS how much content do we have to download????

Gloomhaven – Sept 18th 2023

Just Dance 2024 Edition – 40 New tracks, oct 24th, plus can get a free month of Just Dance Plus, But how much is that service??

Silent Hope - Action RPG – Oct 3rd 2023

Fae Farm - 8.9.2023

Hotwheels Unleashed 2 Turbocharged – oct 19th

ManiacMechanics – July 13th

*Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope The Last Spark Hunter DLC coming – Available Now – Demo Available Now

Dragon Quest The Dark Prince- Dec 1st 2023

Pikmin 4 – Now you got Dog – Game Looks really weird more than usual – night 1st time and day action, glow pikmin  – 7/21/2023 – demo June 29th 2023

Digital versions of Pikmin 1and 2 available Digitally Now, Physical edition coming Sept 21st 2023

Metal Gear Solid Master collection vol 1 coming to the Nintendo Switch -  oct 24th 2023, can be purchased separately on the Eshop

Vampire survivors coming to the Switch – aug 17th 2023, Will have couch co-op!

Head Bangers Rhythm Roale - Rythem battle royal – oct 31st 2023

Penny’s Big Breakaway – from the Sonic Mania people – coming early 2024

*Wave 5 of MarioKart 8 coming Added courses & characters like Petey Piranha, wiggler, kamek – summer 2023

StarOcean The Second Story – Nov 2nd 2023

Warioware Move it – has a wii like feel and Now has a Mario party esk board game where you can play against others – Nov 3rd 2023

***Super MarioBros. Wonder – spycodelic looking experience WOW!! – 10.20.2023 – elephant Mario

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