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Lot's of Games, GamePass Day 1s, and of course a larger look into the upcoming Xbox exclusive Starfield, as I Mr. Mike talk over the shows and give some of my lack of insight into the games shown................ENJOY!!! XBOX BETHESDA “Crappy” SHOW NOTES! Kicks Off with Fable South of midnight StarWars Outlaws coming 2024 – Ubisoft 33 Imortals - From thunder lotus 2024 Payday 3 – Sept 21st Persona 3 reload – Day One Gamepass Avowed – coming 2024 obsidian GP Day1 Sea of Theves the legend of monkey island – july 20th Flight Simulator 2024 - Asobo Studio MS Studio FS Dune expansion Senua’s Saga Hellblade 2 – Ninja Theory 2024 Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth – 2024 Fallout 76 Alantic City DLC – coming soon Path Of the Goddess – Capcom –GP Forza Motorsport - Turn 10 studios – GP Day1 – oct 10th ElderScrolls online necrom expansion – Jun 20th Overwatch 2 a new adventure begins – aug 10th Persona tactic PST – Date Starfield trailer – Sept 6th 2023 Justant- 2023 – DontNod Still wakes the deep – early 2024 Dungeons of Hintenburg – 2024 Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty – Keanu Reeves shows off – 9-26-23 CitySkylines 2 – Oct 24 – GP Day1 Metafor – Atlus – 2024 Towerbourn – 2024 – XboxGameStudios – Day 1 GP Clockwork revolution – gamepass day 1 – steampunk bioshock look $349 carbon blask Series S 1tb console announced Starfield: Great looking visuals Over 1000 worlds to explore – a no manesc feel Can collect resources from many worlds ar just play as a shooter in 1st or 3rd person Great customization, ship building, space battling, custom weapons, custom space ports Collectors edition – watch and box Custom controller Custom headset 9-6-23 Hosted By: Mr. Mike the JuJu2Cast Network! come visit us!! Email Us your questions, comments, ideas, Etc. TO: Visit on Youtube! Search OldFreakyGamer Visit on - Fridays @8PM EST GameOn! XboxLive Gamertag: DemonicCore06 Theme Music From: Powerup! - Jeremy Blake, Immortal - NEFFEX Bitrate: 128 Kbps STEREO Length: 3:08:53