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VIDEO: GamezAttack Podcast #3 Capcom-Ubisoft Forward-RGG Summit


Lot's MORE Games from 3 Major studios during the summer showcase, I will be talking over the Capcom, Ubisoft, and RGG Summit with my takes on the games they bring to the table................ENJOY!!!



Avatar Frontiers of Pandora – Massive entertainment created – Dec 7th
XDefiant – As Ubisoft shows esports stuff that no one cares about but they still keep pushing it!
Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown  -  Jan 18 2024
Captain Laserhawk A Blood Dragon Remix – A Netflix Anime Show 
The Division Resurgence – coming fall 2023
Skull and Bones – closed beta Aug 25-28th
For Honor, Trackmainia, Mario&Rabbids Sparks of Hope, Brawlhalla, Rocksmith+, The Crew 2, Riders Republic - DLC Showcase
The CrewMororfest – closed beta in July – coming sept 14th
Assassins Creed Nexux VR – coming this Holiday
Assassins Creed codenamed Jade – in China – Open Beta coming
Assassins Creed Mirage – coming Oct 12th
StarWars Outlaws – using the snowdrop engine – coming 2024

Capcom celebrates 40 Years!
Path of the Goddest – A weird beautiful gasha hack and slash game
Megaman X Dive Offine coming to App stores and Steam
StreetFighter 6 Will offer future DLC fighters down the road – Talked about the 2million dollar pro tour
Resident Evil 4 VR Mode for PSVR2 – Is a free dlc
Ghost Trick Phantom Detective – Demo available now – jun 30th 2023 available on all hardware 
Ace Attorney Apollo Justice Trilogy coming 2024 – On all platforms
ExoPrimal – jul/14/23 – GamePass Day1
Dragon’s Dogma 2 – No release date

RGG Summit: 
Yakuza Like A Dragon The Man Yho Erased His Name
Watched some of the actors talking about their experiences and role in Like A Dragon The Man Who Erased His Name
Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth – early 2024
RGG Summit Fall 2023! For more Info 

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