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VIDEO: Asus Rog Ally Official Video Review


Mr. Mike here with what I am calling an EASY Review of the ASUS Rog Ally in which I had purchased myself from my local BestBuy store.  I picked up the Ally launch day on June 13th 2023 for the retail price of $699.99.  My reasons for getting one was simple I originally was intrigued and wanted a Steam Deck due to its ability to play a large portion of its catalog of PC titles on a portable on the go device.  The reasons I did not get a Steam Deck were simple the Deck uses a Linux based system in which not all PC games work with the device, secondly the Steam Deck uses an older hardware chipset meaning that future games might not work as well on the device longevity wise, lastly for me anyway the most important thing was No GamePass which was the biggest deal breaker.  I held hope that Valve and Xbox would get together to support GamePass on the device due to Xbox titles already are being sold on Steam, but nothing ever became of that so I kept waiting.  Then later ASUS had announced the Rog Ally and I got very excited but still cautious till they announced the exact specs of the device.   So here is my video portion of my review and a text based version is up at my site………………………………ENJOY!!!


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