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VIDEO: Starfield – PC & ASUS ROG ALLY- 1st Gameplay


Mr. Mike here with a 1st Gameplay of Starfield playing it on the PC & Asus Rog Ally for the 1st time! Playing pre-released on September 1st 2023 for any upgrade edition purchased, available September 6th 2023. Going at the game the 1st time testing off the handheld 1st then the PC let’s see what we see……….ENJOY!! 
NOTE:  After waking up I have looked and found through the My Asus app on my Rog Ally the NEW drivers for it able to play Starfield in the download extras section! After doing this update, I restarted the game and was able to play it flawlessly without any crashes or hitching in the gameplay will do another video for just the Rog Ally to show off the gameplay!


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