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VIDEO: CRKD Nitro Deck Limited Edition with Carry Case – Mr. Mike Reviews


Even though this released in September of 2023 I Mr. Mike have for some reason haven’t heard of this until now! Yes I know where the F#$K was I? Well I don’t know, BUT I do know now that I was getting sick of the Joy-Con Drift and sending them back for repairs over and over again! Also tried other 3rd party Joy-Con like controls ONLY to find that they were you guessed it cheap feeling with harsh input lag, plus they would jiggle a lot when attached to the Switch itself. So, I heard about these Nitro Decks which a NEW edition is taking pre-orders now, but I saw this older version with less crap on it for a cheaper decent price on Amazon as of this video. So here is my show off test and personal review of the CRKD Nitro Deck Limited Edition with Carry Case………………………………ENJOY!!!


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