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VIDEO: Command & Conquer Ultimate Edition – Let’s Play - Episode #12


Been a while since I have gotten to play MOST of the C&C games from my younger days except for the newer Remastered C&C Collection, NOW that EA has put out the whole collection as the C&C Ultimate Collection via Steam at a very reasonable sale price I had to get it!  This collection comes with all that matters of C&C games with no remastering at all and somehow added some dark code to get them to run on 64bit Windows current systems with little issue except resolution LoL. I played only the following 3 games from the collection (C&C Generals, C&C Red Alert 2, and C&C Tiberium Wars) 
Everything recorded and sounded well even though I had to adjust their screen resolutions a few times to get them to their sweet spots, and after I recorded the Tiberium Wars game I found that I forgot to turn the screen capture off so there is a pretty cool picture in picture look to the final game.  This will all be fixed when I decide to do my C&C shows in which I will make sure to test before I record! So let’s go to war commander! ……………………………………ENJOY!!!


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